From the time a phone rings to schedule a patient to getting an encounter closed out and paid, revenue cycle is something that touches every aspect of a medical practice.  Understanding how important revenue cycle and the management of the cycle are to the health of a practice, Practice Plus offers a resource for revenue cycle management.  

The Practice Plus revenue cycle management resource is an integrated approach with one goal, improving a clinic’s fiscal performance.  A few of the key elements that Practice Plus incorporates to ensure that performance is:

  • Cutting edge software technology
    • Practice Plus has partnered with one of the leading electronic practice management (EPM) software providers
  • Detailed reporting on the clinic’s revenue cycle
    • Days in accounts receivable
    • Denials
    • Gross collections
    • Net collections
    • National benchmarking by specialty
    • Missed/cancelled appointments
  • Breakdown of payers
    • Detailed reporting on mix of insurance, government, and self-pay
    • Detailed reporting on performance of each payer group
  • Training/Education
    • Important training on beneficial workflows for the practice
      • i.e.-How to handle collecting copays
    • Training on EPM software and best practices for use in clinical setting
  • Potential cost benefits
    • Less upfront costs
    • Patient statement letters
    • Discounted electronic claims
    • Discounted collection fees
    • Fully integrated EPM and electronic health record (EHR)
If you are interested in improving your clinic’s fiscal performance through better management of the revenue cycle, contact Practice Plus today.
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